Yamaha CL5 + 2 x Rio3224-D Package

Yamaha CL5 + 2 x Rio3224-D Package

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1 x Yamaha CL5 mixing desk incl. flight case, desk cover and gooseneck lights
2 x Rio3224-D I/O Rack
Excellent used condition


Yamaha CL5 mixing desk
A Creative Console for Expressive Engineering
Every engineer, artist, and audience agrees that sound quality is the bottom line. That’s a given. Through thorough analysis, review, and refinement of every detail of the circuitry and technology used, Yamaha CL series consoles deliver naturally superior sound plus a comprehensive range of “coloring” options that give the sonic craftsmen who will use them extraordinary creative freedom. The signal processors provided are plentiful and of the highest quality, including extraordinary Portico 5033/5043 EQ and compressor devices that bring Yamaha VCM technology together with the legendary talents of Rupert Neve. The platform is pure and natural, so the engineer can create and deliver the ideal sound.

Efficient, Enjoyable Operation
A truly useful sound reinforcement console is one that can keep pace with the rapidly and dramatically changing demands of live sound applications. Efficient, intuitive operation is essential. Yamaha’s acclaimed Centralogic concept is the core of a refined user interface that offers a new, unprecedented level of operating efficiency in the CL series, from visual feedback right down to the form and feel of the faders and controls. The CL consoles are also ready for seamlessly integrated remote control and offline editing via an Apple iPad® or other computer. Control is familiar and intuitive, while at the same time offering extensive freedom.

Scalable, Versatile Network Capabilities
Network capabilities are rapidly becoming fundamental and indispensable in today’s fast-paced world of digital live sound. CL series consoles feature separate console and I/O rack components that communicate via the Dante™ network audio protocol, allowing fast, efficient design and deployment of capable systems from the most basic to the dazzlingly complex. The ability to add Lake® processing via expansion slots also adds to the system’s versatility and adaptability to the widest range of mixing needs.

Features you can depend on for unsurpassed control and realibility, plus sound that delivers every show with maximum sonic impact.

Broadcast applications demand a great deal of the equipment used in terms of features, adaptability, sound, and reliability. That’s why you’ll find Yamaha professional sound gear in broadcast studios and vehicles around the world.

• Input Channels: 72 mono, 8 stereo.
• Fader Configuration: 16-fader left section, 8-fader Centralogic section, 8-fader right section, 2-• Fader Master Section.
• Stainless Steel Stay for iPad Support.
• Built-In Meter Bridge.

2 x Rio3224-D I/O Rack - Specification;

Yamaha RIO3224-D (RIO3224D) 5U Dante I/O Rack with 32 XLR Inputs, 16 XLR Outputs and Four AES/EBU Outputs. Sublime Sound Liberated By Exceptional Flexibility

The Rio Series I/O racks employ Dante network audio protocol for exceptional flexibility and freedom in setup and placement, while delivering natural, musical sound that brings out the full sonic potential of mixing consoles and other system components. They also allow redundancy for the utmost reliability in any application.