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Meyer sound
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75 Hz frequency range - 20 kHz
Frequency response380 Hz - 16 kHz ± 4 dB
Response in phase 415 Hz - 16 kHz ± 45
Linear crest NPA41118.5 dB with crest factor> 14 dB (noise m), 113 dB (pink noise), 115.5 (noise b)
Horizontal cover100
Vertical cover100
Low frequency 5 of 5-inch cone speakers;nominal impedance of 8 Ω
High frequency a tweeter with 1 inch metal dome;nominal impedance 8 Ω
Typedifferential, electronically balanced balance maximum of the common mode ± 15 V DC,
Clampted to the earth for protection against tension transients.
Connectors XLR 3 female pins with male loop output;
Optional 5 -pin connectors can accommodate symmetrical and RMS audio signals.
Input impedance 10 kΩ differential between pins 2 and 3.
CABLAGEPIN 1: Chassis/Earth through a fixing network of 220 kΩ, 1000 PF, 15 V to provide a virtual earth lifting to audio frequencies.
Pin 2: Signal + pin 3: Signal -
Box: earth and chassis
Nominal input sensitivity0 DBV (1.0 V RMS) is generally the start of limitation for noise and music.
Audio source input level must be able to produce +20 dBV (10 V RMS) in 600 Ω to produce the maximum spl peak on the operating bandwidth of the speaker.