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This is a brand new item.

Fresnel at 05 x led 150 watt. Motorized zoom 09° / 76°
New equipment
Shutter possible as an option
Comes in original box
2 years warranty

Light source of 5 LED 150W RGBAM
CRI = 92
Motorized zoom from 9° to 76°
Fresnel lens
Color temperature control from 2000K to 10
flicker free

Light and compact
Dehumidifier patented by SGM / unique technology
Quiet operation
Little to no maintenance
Optional accessories (flap, top hat, lenses)

LED technology
This lightweight and compact LED floodlight offers dimming control from 0 to 10 0% maintaining perfect color uniformity. In addition, this also has the advantage of reducing costs and energy consumption. Amber and Mint LED are added to the RGB color mix to achieve a balanced color spectrum and perfect white rendering on camera. The estimated life of the LED is 50,000 hours and the maximum power consumption is 150W.

The colors of the S-4 are tunable in HSV (or HSL: Hue, Saturation and Lightness) and can be smoothly adjusted from 2000K to 10 , with the addition of a green increase or decrease function and RGB . This ensures a perfectly uniform light rendering with a sharp outline, as well as a perfect match of the RGBAM colors of the projector with those of the production environment. All of these modes can be manually adjusted through a control panel at the base of the projector.

Equipped with a glass Fresnel lens, the optical system has been designed to achieve its maximum luminosity between 15° and 18°, while allowing a tight beam of 10 .4° in spot position and an angle of impressive fields of 76.6° in flood. This spotlight is just as versatile as you would expect from a traditional fresnel spotlight, with either a sharp or diffused shadow depending on the beam opening selected. Available as an option, a 112° micro-Fresnel lens can be easily installed in place of the original lens, transforming the S-4 into a powerful and ideal Plan-Convex projector for the stage.

Accessories can be added to the S-4, such as a set of 4 barn doors, a magnetic top hat, an interchangeable micro-fresnel lens, and various mounting brackets. A LumenRadio wireless receiver is included, to allow remote DMX and RDM control.

The S-4 projector is one of the first Fresnel LED projectors capable of such results: a CRI > 92, a TLCI > 90, a CQS > 91 and an Rf > 89. It can reach a maximum performance of 7,000 K with 7265 lumen, although it maintains strong output and consistent color at 5600K and 3200K. The micro-fresnel lens expands the capabilities of the S-4 by dramatically increasing its lux value. Additionally, this projector features linear color temperature control from 2000K to 10 .

Color emulation
The DMX macro channel of the S-4 Fresnel includes 91 preset colors based on the LEE catalogue, a green increase and decrease function, Congo Blue and Deep Red color, RAW control of Amber and Mint LED , a G-1 Beam's 14 color wheel imitation function, clockwise and counter-clockwise (CCW/CW) color scrolling with linear speed increase function.

Dimming, color changing and zooming
In addition to the precise and fluid gradation specific to SGM products, the 16-bit RGB intensity control results in very good quality color mixing. In addition, the S-4 Fresnel's motorized zoom has been designed to move crystal clear across the entire range. To achieve maximum performance, the user can select the "optimized beam narrow" and "optimized beam wide" levels in the DMX function channels.

Mounting Options
The Fresnel S-4 projector can be oriented in all positions and is very easy to handle. Thanks to the 4 rubber feet and 2 ¼ turn locking points integrated into the base of the projector, the S-4 Fresnel can be hung with only an Omega hook or placed on fragile floors. With a weight of 6.95 kg, it is the ideal projector for large productions as well as for small theaters or film shoots. For a tripod support, it is possible to add an optional 28mm spigot. All accessories come with safety slings.