• Load image into Gallery viewer, ROBE BMFL™ Blade
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ROBE BMFL™ Blade
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ROBE BMFL™ Blade


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Inclusive case black for purchase of 2 devices.
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 Four fast shutter blades with smooth and precise movement in the new BMFL Blade lighting fixture. Individually angled and positioned within a frame - which itself can rotate through 90 degrees, providing a sharp or soft, precisely repeatable, frame for the projected image.
Producing a new series of fast-moving in-air effects through pre-programmed shape and movement sequences of the blades, gobo images can be trimmed or framed in a regular, triangular or trapezoid shape. Each pair of opposing blades can close to a complete blackout.Two gobo wheels – one rotating with six slot&lock gobo positions plus another with 8 static gobos can be combined with the Animation wheel to create numerous dynamic projected effects.
Add all this to the already acclaimed BMFL features including: exceptionally smooth linear dimming, Imperceptable high definition colour mixing, full width beam, Output in excess of 250,000 lux at 5 metres – and the Robe EMS™ (Electronic Motion Stabiliser) technology, enabling the BMFL™ to both move and stop faster and more precisely than any other fixture in its class - all this housed in a compact body profile weighing just 37,9 Kgs.
Construction year: 2015;
Operating hours: 3750-7400;
Electrical: 200–240 V, 50/60 Hz;
Protection class: IP20;
Power Consumtion Watt: 1700;
Technology: Discharge;
Availability: upon agreement;
Weight net in kg: 36 Kg;
Packaging Unit: 2;
Accessories: 1x Power Cord, 2x Omega Brackets;
Condition: good;
Packing dimensions: 146*60*88;