Epson EB-PU2220B

Epson EB-PU2220B

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20,000 lumens WUXGA 3LCD installation projector.

The Epson EB-PU2220B impresses operators of the event and live industry with being an outstandingly compact 3LCD projector. It is built to satisfy permanently, offering a stunning 20,000 lumens brightness. Combining these benefits with 4K, HDR or its extremely sharp 2,500,00:1 contrast ratio, this device becomes a go-to solution for demanding surroundings. In addition, the images provided by the Epson EB-PU2220B convince not only with a high brightness, but also with fine details as well as vivid colors. The branded device moreover is known to be flexible to use while offering a high efficiency. Considering these features, the popularity of the Epson EB-PU2220B comes as no surprise.

Outstandingly flexible and strong performing: the Epson EB-PU2220B.

Despite its high 20,000 lumens brightness, the Epson EB-PU2220B has an extremely compact design. Currently, it even is the lightest and most compact solution available of its class. This set of features helps professionals to design high-quality installations as needed. In addition, the resourceful mode of construction offers even more reliability on an everyday basis: Thanks to its design, the Epson EB-PU2220B can be easily integrated into an existing set-up while being monitored and adjusted with little effort.

A wide range of applications impressing spectators as well as operators.

Without a doubt, the Epson EB-PU2220B stands out as a strong performing installation projector. It can be equipped with various optional lenses and impresses with smart features including WUXGA, HDR and stacking. However, the branded device also convinces with its high efficiency. Its integrated light resource for example lasts up to 20,000 hours on average in the Durability High mode. Also, operators are able to upscale this reliable performance even more. When exploiting the Durability Eco mode, the laser can be used up to 30,000 hours. This helps to significantly cut costs while designing state-of-the-art installations on a daily basis.

Technical specifications:
- farbe: black;
- manufacturer: EPSON;
- projector type: 3LCD;
- brightness: 20000 ANSI lumens;
- resolution: 1920x1200;
- aspect ratio: 16:10;
- contrast: 2000 :1;
- operation noise: 45;
- power supply: 100-240;
- power consumption: 1301;
- weight: 24,4;
- including lens: Nein;

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