Elation KL 8 Fresnel FC RGBMA LED 500W step lenses headlights

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This is a used / pre-loved item, we do our best to uphold the quality of all our used equipment.

For sale are very well -preserved elation KL 8 Fresnel headlights. Ray angle with zoom 10 ° -50 °, stepless, motor, 500 W LED Enginergbma (red, green, blue, mint, amber) LED, light output 18, 000 lumens, CRI 92, TLCI 95. Virtual color temperature 2, 400 - 8, 500 K, selectable PWM frequency(900 Hz - 25kHz), variable dimmer curves, green/magenta adaptation, XLR 3 pole, XLR 5 pol. Further technical information;Part of the display is only what can be seen in the pictures. *Safetys are not sold. The devices are in very well -kept and flawless condition. Sales only to commercial buyers, excluding any warranty. You will receive a decent invoice.