Digidesign Venue Profile SET

Digidesign Venue Profile SET

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Digidesign Venue Profile Set with FOH and Stage Rack
Features :
24 bankable input channel strips, each with a touch-sensitive fader, one multi-purpose assignable rotary encoder, solo, mute and select controls
Built-In High-Pass Filter, Dynamics and EQ processors on each input channel strip
Level meters on each input channel strip
Assignable Channel section with dedicated Bus Assign, Aux Send, Direct Output, EQ and Dynamics controls.
8 multi-purpose Output faders strips, each with a touch-sensitive fader, one multi-purpose encoder, solo, mute and select controls
1 Mains fader
Up to 24 31-band Graphic EQs available for Outputs
Main Busses configurable as Left–Center–Right or Left–Right+Mono
Console I/O :
Talkback mic input, with gain and phantom power
Headphone output
USB inputs for keyboard, mouse/trackball, iLok USB Smart Keys, and USB storage devices
VGA monitor output for software screen display
GPI ports (DB-25) providing 8 GPI inputs and 8 GPI outputs
FOH Rack Features :
The FOH Rack is used with one or more Stage Racks, and provides mix position I/O for VENUE Profile systems.
Audio I/O
8 pairs of analog I/O for hardware inserts, or for input and output of line-level material from the mix position.
Analog and digital (AES or S/PDIF) 2-Track inputs and outputs.
Monitor outputs for mix position near field monitors.
Intercom mic input Synchronization and Control I/O
MIDI In and Out ports, providing 16 channels of MIDI input and 16 channels of MIDI output.
Word clock I/O for digital clock synchronization.
USB 2.0 ports for USB disks, iLoks, and other USB devices.
100 BaseT Ethernet (ECx) port for Ethernet-based remote control.
Snake connectors to enable primary and redundant (if applicable) connection to the VENUE Stage Rack.
CPU, DSP, and System Drives
FOH Rack houses the CPU, DSP, hard drive and CD-ROM drive that run the VENUE D-Show software on your VENUE system.
System software is installed at the factory. The CD-ROM drive lets you update or restore your system software, and install compatible plug-ins from their installer discs. A standard FOH Rack includes three Mix Engine cards, which provide DSP for plug-ins and mixing. You can add up to two additional Mix Engine cards, up to a maximum of five.
Redundant Power Supply Units (PSUs)
Each FOH Rack comes with two universal (100V to 240V nominal, 50–60 Hz) PSUs with auto redundant failover and LED status indication.
Stage Rack Features :
Stage Racks are used wit h an FOH Rack, and provide all stage audio I/O for VENUE Profile systems. Up to two Stage Racks  can be used simultaneously, supporting up to 96 total inputs.
Audio I/O :
48 inputs with remotely controllable mic preamps and individually selectable phantom power.
8 analog output channels; expandable up to 48 analog or digital outputs per Stage Rack.
Snake connectors to enable primary and redundant (if applicable) connection to a VENUE FOH Rack.
System Information
FOH Rack Configuration
Mix Engine Cards
FOH Snake Card 2

FWx FireWire Option Card

HDx1 TDM Option Card

HDx2 TDM Option Card

MADI 1 Option Card
MADI 2 Option Card

ECx Ethernet Control
External Word Clock

System Software
Software Version
ECx Ethernet Control Software Version
Ethernet Configuration
Manually Configured
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Bus ID N/A
Personal Q
PQ Rack(s)

PQ Controller(s)

Stage Rack Configuration
Stage 1
Card Type
Card Type
Analog Input (SRI)

Analog Input (SRI)

Analog Input (SRI)
Analog Output (SRO)
Analog Input (SRI)

Analog Input (SRI)

Analog Input (SRI)

Stage 2
Not Detected