Barco NX6 LED Screen 27M2 120 panels (6mm)
Barco NX6 LED Screen 27M2 120 panels (6mm)
Barco NX6 LED Screen 27M2 120 panels (6mm)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Barco NX6 LED Screen 27M2 120 panels (6mm)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Barco NX6 LED Screen 27M2 120 panels (6mm)

Barco NX6 LED Screen 27M2 120 panels (6mm)

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Barco NX6 LED Tile (6mm) 27m2 LED Screen, 120 panels
Hanging and stack bars on request
The NX LED tiles offer the deepest black levels available on the market, and pair this with a phenomenal contrast ratio of more than 4,000:1. With a light output of over 2,000 nits and native 16-bit color processing, it will surely display perfect image quality in any indoor setting. In addition, the NX series guarantee easy and quick installation and are lightweight by design.
True black LED
With the NX series, Barco has developed a true black LED – and not just a black package. With its black shaders and black silicon resin, each LED displays the deepest blacks and brightest luminance levels available. NX-6 has a phenomenal contrast ratio of 4200:1 and a calibrated light output of 2000 nits.
To complement the NX LED display, a carbon fiber structure has been designed in a framework rather than in a box. The result is a support system far stronger, far lighter, and ten times less sensitive to deformation than the current “metal” structures.
The LED modules of the NX connect directly to the structure via high-strength “neo” magnets, rather than traditional screws. No tools are required for mounting or removal. With each magnet capable of holding over 1000 times its own mass, the result is precise positioning, easy setup, and a completely seamless display
Get creative!
The NX tiles can either be used as a standard integrated display, or as a separate display for creative designs. And when used in conjunction with Barco’s Director Toolset, you can build displays of any shape or form.
Consistent uniformity over time – Barco’s LED “anti-aging” solution
By running the LEDs at lower temperatures, extremely high brightness levels are achieved at much lower currents. Within the LED itself, the use of silicon instead of epoxy resin also slows down the aging process, and provides a greater degree of reliability in humid operating conditions. The NX’s “tri-color” LED calibration further ensures display stability and uniformity over time.
Brilliant colors, breathtaking grayscales
Each NX LED can deliver up to 281 trillion colors, enabling tiles to reach higher levels of color depth, uniformity, and grayscale. Thanks to its 16-bit processing power, NX tiles can be calibrated to a larger color triangle – one that is wider than the HDTV standard – delivering cross rentable tiles with deep, uniform colors across the entire display surface.
Remove the tools, improve the serviceability
No tools or cables are required to set up and secure an NX LED wall, or take it apart for service. And because the Mag-frame is essentially an open structure, there is easy access to every module, the control unit and interface boards.
Pixel pitch
6.22 mm
2,000 nits
LED configuration
3-in-1 SMD
Pixel density
5,832/tile (72×81)
Hor. viewing angle
Vert. viewing angle
+60°, -60° (@ 50% brightness)
Contrast ratio
4,200:1 (at 500 lux)
60,000 hours to 75% of initial brightness
Power consumption
219 W/tile (max)
104 W average
Operation power voltage
200-240V / 50-60Hz
Tile dimensions
Width: 448mm (17.6″)
Height: 504mm (19.8″)
Depth: 210mm (8.27″)
Weight / Tile
12.9 kg
IP rating
Indoor use only
16 bit/color
281 trillion
Refresh rate
Foot build-up
Max. 12 tiles high
Truss build-up
Max. 15 tiles high
Link interface
NNI interface (HDMI connector)
Max link length
10m (with Barco HDMI cable)
4x HDMI link
1x USB (diagnostic)
Max power cascade connection
8 tiles
Front and back (tools required for front)
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
-20 – 60°C
Operational humidity
Storage humidity
Source compatibility
CVBS, YC, YUV, RGB, DVI (Single and Dual link , up to 2048×1536)
SDI. HD-SDI, Dual link HD-SDI
Operatable digitizer
DX-700 (with NNI output card)
CE class A, TUV, FCC Class A, ETL, Cebec