Live Events Production Qualifications

As we all know working in the events industry is very hands on and most of the people we work with have been working in the industry for decades, this is very positive because people love this industry but how about the new starters and aspiring young people trying to catch a break to get in to the industry?

A good place to start would be to contact Backstage Academy who claim to have the best-in-class technology and equipment and state-of-the-art production studios, they are also uniquely positioned on the world-renowned Production Park, the world’s premier campus for live events, film and TV. You could choose to study from a wide range of undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees such as Live Events Production, Live Visual Design & Production and Stage & Production Management. 

However breaking in to the industry requires more than just a degree, it requires experience! Our suggestion would be to speak to relevant companies that you wish to work with and see if you could get some work experience, volunteer or even get some part time work to gain experience. The good news is that events can happen with a broad range of hosts such as charities, local theatre, education, healthcare and more. If you look carefully there will be people out there that need assistance and where you can gain experience from. 

If there are any young people out there looking to break in to the industry we would happily give some free advice, here at Stage Experts we have more than 30 years combined experience and multiple relevant qualifications between us, please feel free to email;