How to Stay Safe at a Concert

Everyone dreams of one day meeting their musical idols, and going to concerts makes this dream a reality. Most people don’t want to even begin to imagine what might happen if a concert goes awry. After all, getting to actually see your idol on stage, performing your favourite songs right before your eyes, how could anything go wrong? Unfortunately, though, if the right precautions aren’t taken, your magical night can stray far from a fantasy.

In this post, I’m going to outline three essential precautions you should take while attending a concert so it can be a night to remember... in a good way.

1. Stick With A Group

Going to a concert with a group of friends not only makes the experience more fun and memorable, but it also gives you protection. If you ever get lost, at least you’ll have a buddy! Make sure to never go alone. Take your buddy with you everywhere even if you’re just leaving for “one second” to grab something to eat. You never know what could happen in that brief second.

2. Turn on Location Services

Okay, so you left your group for “one second” to grab a hot dog. The line was a lot longer than you thought it’d be, and when you walked back to where you thought you left your friends, they’re not there anymore. You can always text or call them, but we all know how loud concerts are. There’s a chance your friends won’t hear their phone buzz. Or maybe they do, but it’s impossible to give directions! This is why you turn on location services on your phone. This way if you get lost, your friends can easily track you no matter what the circumstance is!

3. Stay Hydrated

So, now you’re with a group. The concert began, and everyone’s having a great time, but don’t get too excited yet! Once the concert actually begins, and your favourite performer walks on stage, you’ll probably feel like you’re in a dream... and while you’re in this dream, it can be hard to do normal, human things like drink water. You might think you could never forget something as simple as drinking water, but you’d be surprised what can happen once you're there! Make sure you keep plenty of water on you for you and your friends, especially if you plan on moving around a lot.

Concerts should be just as amazing an experience as you imagine. Although they are meant as a night to escape from your everyday reality, it’s essential to still keep a few things in mind to

keep yourself safe! Hopefully you found these tips informative and will keep them in mind next time you go to a concert.