Coyote Ugly has come to Camden

Originating in New York City, Coyote Ugly is an over the top, saloon themed bar, known

to provide a memorable experience for guests. The franchise was based off of the 2000 movie under the same name, which was actually inspired by a real story of a woman dropping out of University to pursue a bartending career.. Shortly after the movie was released, Coyote Ugly bars began to pop up around the US and UK.

Recently, a new location of this bar has just opened in Camden, London, which will be sure to bring together locals and visitors alike.

Coyote Ugly bars are known to have a lot of bar top dancing, and this wouldn’t be possible without a quality speaker system. The Camden location uses Renkus-Heinz speakers in order to optimise the experience. Guests say the music can be heard clearly all throughout the bar without any breaks in the audio.

Next time you’re in London and are looking for a night you won’t forget, try stopping by Coyote Ugly in Camden and experience the Western themed bartenders, quality sound, and lots of dancing!