Counterfeit L-Acoustics manufacturers from China jailed

L-Acoustics speakers are one of our most popular products and are widely used because of their distinguished build quality and performance, obviously this cannot be successfully replicated to the same high standard and to do this is unethical and illegal, yet recently L-Acoustics and Chinese authorities managed to track down 5 counterfeiters of L-Acoustics products. 

The counterfeiters have been successfully arrested, found guilty and sentenced to jail for up to 3 years. The authorities also managed to seize many materials that had been used for copying the products and trade marks. 

Laurent Ostojski, senior legal counsel at L-Acoustics has stated;
"To protect the company IP and our partners, not to mention users' safety, we have dedicated significant financial and human resources to act against counterfeit products,”

Our team has come across companies copying products in the past, but generally the products we have seen online appear to be low quality unbranded copies and never actual counterfeits, however this news of actual products being copied does make you wonder how many of the speakers have made their way in to the hands of audio visual companies worldwide, leading to sub standard sound quality if undetected. The other key issue is safety, especially for line array systems which could cause major harm to people if not effectively mounted and secured. We hope none of our customers have been affected by this.

Here at Stage Experts we work closely with key partner suppliers to ensure we uphold high quality, big brand products which are not counterfeit, If you think somebody is selling fake goods, please contact Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 0808 2231133.

Stay safe out there!